Can I see previous wrongful termination cases brought against my boss?

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I have a feeling my boss fired me because I am older. There are hardly any people over the age of 35 working here, and I know my boss really prizes “youth” and likes to have a bunch of people his own age around. But, I don’t really know how to prove it. Is there any way I can see a previous age discrimination lawsuit that may have been brought against him so I can figure out if he’s done this to anyone else?


The answer to your question depends on the nature of the previous cases. If the cases were decided in a court of law, the cases may be a matter of public record and you should be able to access them at your local courthouse. However, if the cases were settled outside of court, it may be difficult or impossible to obtain access to these cases, especially if the settlement contained a provision for confidentiality.  Furthermore, these cases may or may not be admissible as evidence of a pattern and practice of discrimination, depending upon the state in which you live. 

The best thing to do would be to consult an employment and discrimination attorney within your state. The attorney can advise you about whether such cases would be admissible, and assist you in obtaining any available records.  Your attorney may also be able to help you find other methods of proving age discrimination, if your boss is behaving in an illegal manner.