I think my boss fired me because I’m gay. I live in San Francisco, is this considered to be wrongful termination in California?

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I was doing really well at my job, but I ran into my boss at a restaurant one night when I was with my partner. Ever since that day, he was really rude to me and sometimes almost hostile. About three weeks later, he told me my work wasn’t good anymore and he fired me, but I think it was really because I’m gay. I live in California, is this allowed, or is this wrongful termination?


While Federal antidiscrimination statutes do not protect you from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, California law may prohibit this type of discrimination. The California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) extends the definition of discrimination within California to include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

If you have a record of positive reviews, and your behavior has not changed, you may be able to prove that your boss is discriminating against you because of your sexual orientation. You should consult with a California employment law attorney to determine whether your bosses behavior constitutes discrimination in violation of FEHA.