Can I sue for race discrimination if I’m fired and I was the only black employee at the company?

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I was recently terminated from my position and I was the only black employee at my employer.  I was not been badly treated while there, but I just feel like my race led to my termination.  My employer said there was not enough work to support my role and has not hired anyone to replace me.  Is the fact I was the only black employee working there enough for me to file for race discrimination?


Title VII is the statute about racial discrimination that prohibits employers from terminating employees based on their race.  The statute says that employers cannot make a negative employment decision based on their race.  However, in order to make a case for race discrimination you must present some evidence that your termination was motivated by your race.  It might be difficult to demonstrate that your employer violated the Race Discrimination Act Title VII given the lack of evidence that your employer made its decision based in part on your race.  An employment discrimination attorney would be able to access your case and determine if you have a case under race discrimination law.