My boss regularly made racial slurs. I was later fired for no reason. Can I take legal action?

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I believe that I was fired based on my race.  My boss regularly used racial slurs and openly disliked people of my race.  After he fired me he claimed that I was not a good employee – but he had no valid reason for saying that.  Is there anything I can do?


The issue of employee discrimination can take on many different forms – and one type is employee discrimination based on race.  In the workplace, discrimination based on race is illegal and actionable in court.  If you believe that the sole reason for your termination was based on the color of your skin, you may have a valid case alleging discrimination against your former employer.  You should contact and employee discrimination attorney in your area to discuss your options.

Additionally, should file a claim of discrimination with the US Equal Opportunity Employment Commission (“EEOC”) as soon as you decide to pursue legal action.  Employee discrimination regulations have specific statutes of limitations to filing a claim, and filing the complaint fist with the EEOC is a requirement before filing a lawsuit.  If you have been discriminated against, make sure you know the timeframe so you don’t miss you opportunity to file a lawsuit.