I think I am facing religious discrimination at work. Do I file a civil court case trial for this?

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I am being discriminated against at work because I follow a different religion then pretty much everyone else at my job. I’m not invited to any of these different religious work retreats, and people who go to them always seem to come back with new projects and promotions and stuff. I am pretty sure this is a civil rights issue, do I have to bring it in a special court or anything? Is this a civil court case, or what is a civil court case?


A civil court case is any case that is brought in civil court instead of criminal court. Civil court simply means that one private person is suing someone else (a person or corporation or even the government), or taking some type of legal action against someone else. It is distinct from criminal court. So, you would have to bring your case in civil court because you are suing another private party- your employer. Because you are suing for religious discrimination, your case likely does arise under civil rights law, specifically the Equal Opportunity in Employment Laws and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is a federal law, so you may be entitled to sue in federal court instead of state court. You should speak with a qualified civil rights attorney who can provide you with more information about the proper court to sue in, and the strength of your case under civil rights law.