Hispanic Racism

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Hispanic stereotypes or unfavorable representations of Latino or Hispanic Americans often appear in movies, television shows and similar media venues.  Those unflattering stereotypes can have adverse repercussions on the national perception of Latino Americans and their cultural values and can result in incidents of racism and discrimination.  Latinos are often portrayed in the national media as gang members, criminals, persons involved in illegal immigration and dealing dealers.  


The image of Hispanic Americans conveyed to the public the media can strongly influence the public’s opinion about the cultural values of a racial group causing acts of racism and discrimination against that group.  The word, “hispanophobia,” has been coined to mean the fear, distrust and discrimination of Hispanic people.  Bilingual education and illegal immigration have only added to the element of Hispanophobia in the United States by creating a language or communication barrier that separates Hispanic people from native born, English speaking Americans.

Hispanic Hate Crime

Hispanic racial slurs and Mexican discrimination are examples of hate crimes Hispanic people sometimes endure due to their race.   An act that has emotionally or physically harmed another person based on his race will be considered a “hate crime.”  A "Hispanic hate crime" generally refers criminal acts which are seen to have been motivated by hatred of a member of the Latino-American race and may involve acts of physical assault, damage to property, bullying, harassment involving Hispanic stereotypes, verbal abuse or insults, or the use of offensive graffiti or symbols.

Hispanic Racism Legal Help

If you believe that you or a member of your family has suffered any type of discrimination due to their race or suffered any form of Hispanic or latino racism, it may be important to discuss the circumstances with an experienced civil rights or personal injury law attorney to fully determine and protect your legal rights.

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