Discrimination Against Woman - Women's Civil Rights

The woman’s role in today’s society is ever changing with more rights to the decisions for their future. Even with these equal rights, women may still make less money in the same career position compared to a man holding that same opportunity. With all the women discrimination laws in place it is the woman’s responsibility to stand up for their civil rights and point out this injustice to keep the balance of your liberal right.  This must be done in order to stop discrimination against woman in todays society. Even though justice is in place, society still finds ways to avoid the absolute equal right of individuals.

Women can be discriminated for reasons such as:

  • Characteristics (Looks)
  • Being Overweight (Fat)
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Being Pregnant
  • Becoming Pregnant
  • Having a Family
  • Lack Physical Strength
  • View as Emotionally Weak

There are more women then men in this country. The United States population is 50.9% women while 49.1 % are men. This means that for every 100 women there are 96 men. Although women out number men, they still do not hold as many of the top positions such as CEO or managers in corporations. One reason for this women discrimination in the workplace may be that they are perceived with a lack of certain skills. When in fact, women usually have a higher education level and use a different part of the mind to analyze things from a more logical and patient prospective.

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Prejudice keeps our society from excelling where women can strengthen its weaker areas. Unfortunately, men still excel in society with the concept that the masculine view point is stronger and “the strong survive”. In reality, the women keep the caring and peaceful view point that enables society to find peaceful solutions. But still they are not treated as equally as men. If you have been discriminated and prevented from excelling in an opportunity at the same rate scale, then you need employment discrimination attorneys to fight for your civil rights!

Have you faced gender discrimination as a woman? Put a stop to Discrimination Against Woman by contacting a Civil Rights Attorney today.