Prison Injuries Require A Civil Rights Lawyer

Have your prisoner rights been abused or deprived? Even though prisoners are denied of their civil right to liberty, they are still entitled to their basic human rights. Unfortunately, this does not always occur, resulting in cruel and unusual punishment of prisoners which leads to prison injuries. These harmful scenarios may occur from other violent prisoners, excessive force from the guards, or during the transportation from one facility to another.

Prison guards are employed to protect the prisoners from harm; unfortunately guard misconduct occurs repeatedly. Misconduct consists of:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Psychological abuse(verbal taunting)
  • Physical abuse (random beatings)
  • Neglect to acknowledge a prisoner’s basic civil rights
  • Failure to acknowledge an assault and/or rape inflicted by other prisoners

Though illegal, discrimination of gender, religion, race, and sexual orientation are still prevalent in today’s society. Those individuals serving a felony or misdemeanor sentence still have basic human rights. They are not to be stripped of these rights such as anti-discrimination while serving a sentence. Often in prison facilities, guards tend to ignore these rights and/or feel the need to inflict these types of discrimination upon those who have been convicted of a crime. When a prisoner sustained injuries because of discrimination and bias, justice is not being served!

An increase in U.S. incarceration has lead to a decrease in guard tolerance. The lack of prison staff is inadequate to prevent and protect prisoners from violent acts. The prisoner still has the right to safety, medical attention, and civil rights. With this correctional system break down we will be seeing a rise in injuries that can be prevented.

Did you know that prisoners suffer from medical conditions/injuries from being detained in prisons and these conditions can be prevented? Sometimes these injuries can be a lifelong problem even after the prisoner has served their sentence and has been released. They may suffer physical pain and/or may have contracted a disease that will affect the rest of their life. The prison guards are responsible for the safety of the prisoners while imprisoned and must act on any reports of inmate violence.

Have you or someone you know been a victim of prison injuries? Contact a Civil Rights Lawyer for legal advice today.