Racial Hate Crime

Have you or a loved one been targeted in a hate crime? A civil rights attorney can help you receive justice. A racial hate crime is any unlawful crimes motivated by one's bias of a specific group. These crimes usually occur to identifiable groups of individuals including those of a certain race, religion, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Racial based crimes are more specific and are considered to be crimes performed towards an individual or group based upon their particular race. Races which are targeted most often are African Americas, Caucasians, Asians, and Indians. These crimes can consist of differing assaults such as intimidation, destruction, property crimes, simple assault, and even an aggravated assault sentence. Have you been subjected to a hate crime? You have rights! Contact an experienced attorney in your area today, for more information on recovering damages for the crimes you have endured.

Racial hate crime incidents can occur in many places including:

  • Near homes
  • Highways
  • Streets
  • Schools
  • Parking lots
  • Garages 

Though other groups are targeted, racial groups are among the most common targeted in the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigations reported in 2005 that 56 percent of hate crimes consisted of motivation against specific races. Anti-black bias in 2005 held an overwhelming majority against all other racial groups targeted by these crimes. In the United States, these type of crimes are prosecuted by the federal court.

When battered physically and/or mentally by a hate crime, an individual can endure injuries such as mental impairment and physical disability. Both of theses injuries, as well as many others caused by crimes against race, will accrue costly medical expenses. If targeted because of racial bias, a civil rights attorney can help you recover damages for losses, medical expenses, pain and suffering.

Have you been violently targeted due to your race? An attorney can help! For more information on a racial hate crime contact an experienced civil rights attorney in your area today.