Wrongful Termination

Have you been laid off or fired recently and believe it was wrongful discrimination? You need a lawyer to prove your unlawful firing. Our civil rights lawyers can help, analyze, assess and inform you of your civil rights. If you were abruptly removed with no negotiations of a severance package and/or are suffering from financial damages, you may have the right to bring a claim against your former employer if evidence can prove violation of your rights. Our qualified wrongful termination lawyers can explain to you the many different wrongful termination clauses under race, religion, color, sexual orientation, age, gender, and bias.

Illegal reasons for termination may include:

Wrongful termination occurs in many industries throughout the United States. But, sometimes the situation is bypassed by the individual that was fired because they are afraid that they do not have means to go up against a corporate conglomerate, state, or federal employer. One example of fear in wrongful termination involves sexual harassment cases because the individual is embarrassed that this happened to them. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed; civil rights lawyers know how to handle these sensitive and uncomfortable situations to see that justice is served.

Maybe you signed a work contract that guaranteed you stock options, retirement, and other bonuses if you completed your contract term. However, you found that the employer ended your contract early based on personal prejudice that violates United States law and did not fulfill their contractual obligations. Were you planning for this to be your retirement and future for your family? Unfortunately, the corporate environment plays unfairly and doesn't always follow federal laws while hurting the lower person like minorities on the corporate ladder. You need legal help from our employment discrimination lawyers!

Have you recently been wrongfully terminated? Get legal help to determine the type of compensation you are entitled for your employment discrimination. Contact our Wrongful Termination Lawyers today!